Listen to, and watch: The Bluest of Loves

‘One irresistible piece of shout a long indie pop, bloody lovely.’ – Ally McCrae (BBC Radio 1)

We are absolutely over the moon with the first response to our new single. Since the SoundCloud launch last week there has been an astonishing, if not sporadic new found interest in Lisbon – 7000 SoundCloud plays in less than a week, thank you so much.

Massive thanks to the notorious BBC grant producer Jordan Riley, our dear friend and silent fifth member, who not only produced Blue Love, but also co-wrote alongside the band. Shout out to budding director Harry Jenkinson, the visionary behind B L U E L O V E ‘ S music video: ‘a glorious depiction of music, bursting with ingenuity and sex appeal‘ (Alex Wright, band’s drummer and stylist).

B L U E L O V E, Blue Love or Bluelove is released digitally on the 1st of February 2014. Thank you to every single one of you that has taken the time to listen to our song, or watch our video – you are all absolute heroes.


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Yes, it is true, our new single ‘B L U E L O V E‘ is to be released early in the new year – a song, described by Keiron Dyer as: a rather delicious masterpiece.

Lison Shots-2 Edited

We are very happy with the tune, and had a lot of fun writing it, we hope you enjoy it too.


Yet it has not been all plain sailing. The suffering we became accustom to during the filming of our music video can only be described as a disgrace to the laws of humanity – few others in the world have been through more pain. Whilst being furiously hosed down by a freezing cold jet of water, I suddenly saw, whilst shivering, a striking resemblance between the hose and a third world torture device. Thankfully the whole experience looks fantastic when played back in slow-motion to the sound of our new single.


Mr Bones was always going to suffer the most.

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We Have Been Busy

Undoubtably many of our thousands of readers have been consumed with despair thanks to the drastic lack of blog posts. We apologise, for we have been incredibly busy. Instead our time has been spent revising, playing gigs, and attending modelling award ceremonies to support our very own Alex ‘Ribcage’ Wright:


Our youthful tune Liberty City was released a little more than a month ago, along side a homemade music video which was directed by Jonathan Varty with some small help from the band.


Many a man have taken the time to watch the music video, for it has received well over several views. The video stars us, the band, doing nothing, roaming our local area – an area that vastly contrasts the city the song is written about.


The music video is available to watch here, please take the time to watch what can only be described as a breathtaking display of decent cinematography. If you are blind or if you hate our music video then you can simply follow the link below and listen to it on SoundCloud – if you are feeling really adventurous you can even download the song free!




It was an honour and a privilege to be part of the North East’s finest spectacle for new music. We played at the Tanners in Byker, alongside Palace, Goodbye Chanel and our friends Alex Butler, a truly beautiful experience, topped off by the 40oz steak burgers we devoured before our performance, which slightly hindered our movement on stage.


It was fantastic to be on the bill alongside such incredibly talented acts, however the pick of the festival had to be SHIELDS, our new local favourite – soon to follow in the footsteps of Little Comets and Polarsets, and make it out of the musical snow globe which is the North East of England.


Thanks to Generator for putting on such a special night for the local music community, and huge thanks to all the venues and all the people who took the time to come along to make it such a great night.


After brandishing our musical weapons at the Tanners it appeared we had somewhat spread the name of Lisbon. A few days later we were asked to support York’s Likely Lads at Think Tank.


We had a great time in front of a capacity crowd, thanks for coming down. However it wasn’t all fun and games in Hoults Yard, amidst the beer, portaloos and music, a fashion war began to arise. It appeared that our very own Gordon had spotted some talent in Joe’s trendy new blue shoes, which had been revealed a week previously – so much talent that he immediately splashed out on a brown pair for himself and christened them at the gig. In an interview sometime after the crisis Gordon stated: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’



Yes it may be true that as a band we are most famous for our music, yet some of us have other skills, skills that must be shared with the world. Alex Wright, who goes by the professional name of Alex Ribcage, recently won his first WBMI (Whitley Bay Modelling Institute) award for ‘best facial pose’. The winning pose itself of course is the legendary Ocean Peach. Alex’s special modelling skills are now blossoming in the local limelight.


When interviewed after the award ceremony, concerning his new found recognition in the local modelling world, Alex stated:

“I’m delighted of course – over the flipping moon. I’ve been working hard in the build up to the WBMI’s, everyone knows that, and now, finally, my hard work has paid off.

“I know I mentioned this in my acceptance speech, but the WBMI’s is the big one for me, the big ceremony, and I couldn’t of done it without the constant support of my friends and family.”

When asked about his future, the ambitious Alex Ribcage really came out his shell.

“I think it’s time to evolve, you know? Become bigger, better, faster, stronger. I think that will start with the development of a new facial pose. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ocean Peach, but I don’t want to be one of those one dimensional models, I want to show the world there’s more to me that one pose, I don’t want to be remembered for just that.

My catwalk game needs to improve as well if I’m going to compete at the highest level.”

So there you have it, not just our little drummer boy, but a local star. Alex Ribcage: The Phantom Model.


If you’ve read all of this post, firstly – thank you, secondly – why?

We have a busy summer lined up of course, including a trip to The Cluny 2 to support Crooked Hands ahead of their new single release, as well as a return to The Event at Segedunum, where we will pass on our title to another young band of budding talent.

Stay tuned for news.

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Que estará rolando com as cadelas - Alex Wright (former female wrestler)


It’s a warm saturday, you’re cruising in your Citreon C1 with a cupla shawties, doing doughnuts in the links car park on the sea front. After rollin’ around with your homeboys for several hours, listening to the most notorious hip hop tunes and visiting Whitley’s finest oriental cuisine, you decide to make a night of it.

Joe is prancing like a wild gazelle on the indie floor, most likely raging to the beat of some heavy Foals. Gaz is spotted duggying on the rap floor, chain round his neck, drinking champagne to 50 cent or something weird. Then there’s Wrighty, who can be found busting someones nose in the smoking area, after his second bottle of cherry VK.

That’s where Rio comes in – a tune about your mates going mental, acting like they’re at a Rio carnival, having the best night of their life. Of course most likely it ends up in PSB slurping on a lonely kebab, or splashing away your cash in Aspers. But before you hit rock bottom, and come back down to reality, you’re in Rio.

Rio has so far been played in Digital twice, and has been received fantastically with lots of praise – thanks everyone who has to the time to listen or download. There are no free downloads left unfortunately, however if you really want a bit of Rio, we can send you it via email. Thanks a lot to Jordan Riley who produced this absolute corker, we are very pleased with it… enjoy.

(In other words we have a gig this friday (15th Feb) at Queen Alexandra 6th form. Come on down, tickets are £3)

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Look after yourself.
Look after the ones you love.


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Death by Pub

Following the profound success of our gig at the Wooden Doll (thanks everyone for a great night), Lisbon travelled to Blyth’s The Willow Tree pub the next day. At a time where we, as a band, should have been fearing the predictions of fame and stardom that were threatened the previous day, it’s safe to say that the only thing we feared for, was our lives.Image Walking in to the venue alongside Joe, my amp in one hand and guitar in the other, I was full of optimismthis luxurious feeling did not last long. Greeted by what can only be described as an army of anger, we awkwardly shuffled through the door. Looking to our left, there stood a few microphones on their stands, and a solitary drum-kit – to our right however, sat 5 men, mid-twenties, grey shell-suits, built like stallions, humiliatingly staring at us over their half-full pints of lager. As Joe’s casual ‘aright?’ was aggressively stabbed in mid air by a deafening silence, we made haste towards the comfort of the stage. But just as we thought we were safe, one of the demons spoke out. It was apparent that we, with no spare hands, carrying amps and guitars through the narrow doorway of the pub, with no assistance, had not successfully closed the pub door behind us – therefore the treacherous blizzard outside penetrated the fortress of the devils inside. Their proud leader stood up, almost 7 foot tall, and growled “eh! close the f***cking door then!“, he then stamped the door shut with one terribly violent kick. It’s safe to say, at this point, that something happened in my pants that shouldn’t be described. We uncomfortably sat down, incapable of standing much longer on the blocks of jelly that were previously known as legs. As Joe whispered “shall we bail?”, realisation began to kick in. The night was now less of a gig, more of an episode of ‘Ross Kemp on Pubs’. When taking a seat after our lucky escape from death, we positioned ourself strategically out of sight from our pursuers, as to avoid eye-contact and physical conflict/murder. As Gaz and Wrighty finally arrived at the venue, after what seemed like several millennia, I finally began to feel more comfortable. Now if they attacked, they would probably go for Wrighty first, and I could use Gaz as a human shield which would delay my death by a few minutes. Then our manager entered. Glenn: the tall and wise. It was reminiscent of the moment from Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers – Aragorn bursting through the doors of Helms Deep, after everyone thought he had died, ready to help Rohan in battle. I think we all felt a lot safer now. Having a presence like Glenn in the building, with a 2 metre reach and Tae Kwan Do experience, was definitely a boost in confidence. As time went on, and the ‘PA guy’ finally arrived, the pub got slightly busier. A 40th birthday party at the back made the occasion slightly more cheerful, a definite improvement from the chilling hatred that lingered previously. We took our place on stage, ready to go, the music on the speakers stopped abruptly and I looked up. Huge mistake. The leader of the pack caught my eye, ready to strike, like a wolf in the night – I blacked out. Turns out we played a groovy show and the majority of the crowd enjoyed themselves – just a shame I can’t remember it.

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New Sound

Imagine you’re swimming. Weightlessly swimming through gentle blue waters. You pause, suspended in an aqueous tropical paradise, as a Humpback Whale glides beneath you, accompanied by her young baby calf: Andrew. A soothing sound flows in a current around you, brushing through the coral reef that colours the ocean. The type of sound a mermaid would make, when receiving a back-rub from a highly trained octopus. Echoing through the deep, the sound enchants all. A group of jellyfish sway to the delicious sonic sigh, a passing stingray spins and swoops with relaxing joy – the baby Jesus spectates from a furry submarine, silently cruising through uncharted nature.
Discovered by musical explorer Jordan Riley, the sound, in reality, can be found as the pre-set on one of our newest guitar pedals – but let’s face it, that introduction isn’t half as captivating as first. Soon to formulate much of our constantly growing set, this ocean drenched sound is a new personal favourite of Lisbon. Echoing throughout the breakdown of our new recording, Rio, and soon to star in an oceanic instrumental, Riley’s sound will flood your ears very soon.

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